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Private Detectives in Schaumburg, IL

ETS is one of the leading Private Detective and Security Agencies in the Unites States

We provide best-in-class service to clients throughout the United States including major law firms, insurance companies, corporate America, high-net-worth individuals, governments, school districts, law enforcement agencies, aviation industry, transportation industry, and religious organizations.

The company is law enforcement owned and operated

We specialize in complex and high-tech investigations, background checks, human intelligence, data collection and analytics, cell phone and computer forensics, vehicle forensics, technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) ​(aka bug-sweeping), GPS surveillance, forensic accounting, and detection of deception amongst others.

Security 360°

Risk comes from every angle 24 hours a day. The battle is never-ending.

We provide physical security services to our clients through traditional guard services and executive protection services which are fully supported by our cyber-security and intelligence divisions to address the growing challenges of keeping clients safe in all areas, not just physically. Our clients growing demand for high tech, integrated security programs keeps us on the cutting edge of technology and industry best practices.