ETS Advantage

1. Experience of our detectives
2. State of the art equipment
3. Proprietary intelligence platform
4. Legal knowledge and experience
5. Ability to testify when needed
4. Support teams


Stationary surveillance from a hotel room overlooking a restaurant in downtown Chicago documenting the meeting of an employee being investigated for intellectual property theft as they met with executives from a competitor company.

Surveillance is one of the most valuable ways to gain intelligence on a person or business of interest. The dynamic nature of live surveillance requires the detective to adapt to constant changes in the environment in order to stay with the subject and to remain undiscovered. The things we see when people think nobody is looking are remarkable and can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your matter.

We work many different types of cases which involve surveillance.

Some of the more common ones are employment investigations, divorce and cohabitation challenges, child endangerment investigations, corporate partnership disputes, asset discovery investigations and municipality/police internal affairs cases.

When feasible, we utilize GPS technology to reduce or eliminate the need for additional surveillance personnel which reduces cost for our clients as well as provides a reporting function to keep the client informed of critical location data.

We have the experience and perspective to understand what is needed from us to help you attain your case goals. If you need us to produce reports, affidavits or testify on your behalf at depositions or in court we are happy to do that for you too.


Feel free to call or email us to discuss your matter and how we can help.