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Real-Time Monitoring
Many people use the location based features in their phones to “check in” at restaurants, the health club, or a party. Our SME’s have the skills to monitor these posts in real-time and archive the feeds as they are coming in. The applications for real-time monitoring are endless. There are no privacy concerns for this because they are posting this information on the open internet so where there is no expectation of privacy.

Social Media Investigations

Social Media Application Data becomes Forensic Data

Devices such as iPhones and Android Smartphones capture and store a tremendous amount of data through the use of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. During an investigation, this data can be recovered from these devices through a forensic extraction process. The information that can be recovered varies depending on the device but can include locations, check-ins, instant messages, chats, contacts, friends, posts, time and date stamps, and many other forensic artifacts that can be useful to investigators.


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Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat?

Almost every case these days has a social media aspect. We utilize our tech skills as Social Media Experts to find information about who a person is, where are they from, who are their friends, where do they go, what do they own, and many other questions. Our research archives historical posts from a profile and can often be used for real-time lead generation.