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Would you like us to contact you about a process serving program for your firm?

ETS provides reliable, cost-effective service of your court documents in a timely manner and return a professional, court-ready affidavit so you can prove it in court.
Unless you specify otherwise, ETS will always seek to obtain “personal” service on a defendant!

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High-Volume Clients:
For our busiest clients that need papers served regularly we offer a free, web-based platform to upload your Summons and Complaint, Subpoenas, and any other documents you need served. The documents will then be automatically directed to the server for the address you designate for routine or emergency service, whichever you assign to the job. Routine service is usually accomplished with 1-3 days. Emergency service provides 3 attempts to the designated address within the first 24 hours from time of assignment to ETS.

Real-Time Status and Tracking. You can log into our secure platform and see the GPS data of where and when each attempt was made in real-time, read the servers notes, see on-site photos uploaded by the server, and stay informed of our progress from assignment to completion. Additionally, email alerts can be set up to alert you when a change in status has occurred. We have the ability to generate affidavits of service electronically signed from the field in emergency situations. Job archive of history and affidavit(s) is included at no additional charge and is maintained permanently on encrypted servers.

Low-Volume Clients:
Simply email your summons, complaint, citation, rule to show cause, subpoena, etc. to our offices. We typically will respond within 15 minutes “received”. From there, we take care of all printing and preparation of documents and put it out on the street for service. In routine situations, service is usually accomplished within 1-3 business days. Emergency service provides 3 attempts to the designated address within the first 24 hours from time of assignment to ETS.

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Hard Serve? No Problem… We utilize the knowledge and experience of our teams to locate, conduct surveillance, and serve persons who are actively trying to avoid service.

This takes time, patience, creativity, and money. If you are having trouble getting someone served, we can definitely help.

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