ETS Residency Verification Program

​Our professionally dressed detectives come to your registration location each day during the registration process to screen new and questionable registrations as they register. Some people may not have the required documents such as utility bills and leases which tie the family to an address within the district's boundaries while some others just don't seem genuine. We do our best to approve them then and there by verifying information through review of their provided documents and corroboration through a digital footprint. If we are not comfortable with the information provided, the file is referred to our field investigators for a home visit to validate the residency or deny it if applicable. Current client districts are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each school year by implementing the ETS Residency Verification Program.

Background Checks

ETS Intelligence, LLC located in Schaumburg, IL uses a powerful methodology combining experienced investigators and proprietary information systems to screen coaches, volunteers, and employees in ways that no other agency can. Going the extra mile demonstrates our collective commitment to the professional and moral responsibilities your district has to keep students, employees, visitors, and the community safe to live and work in. 

Live-Scan Fingerprinting

We provide on-site fingerprinting services when needed for teachers, coaches, and volunteers.

Our direct, secured, digital connection to the Illinois State Police - Bureau of Identification provides real-time electronic fingerprint submissions to Illinois State Police and FBI as required by law.

Other Investigations

Truancy / Constant Tardiness

Child Neglect/Abuse


Social Media - Bullying, Intimidation, and/or Concerns of Suicide 

Digital Forensics and Cloud Data Recovery

Law Enforcement Consulting/Liaison

Fiscal Responsibility:Our program is a great public relations tool when speaking to your tax base at public meetings. As a example, we denied 17 fraudulent registrations (assumes 1 child per household registration) through home visits, fact checking, human interviews, and surveillance validating that they did not live inside the school district’s boundaries. This particular school district’s cost per student is $10,000 per school year. So the district saved it’s taxpayers $170,000 by having ETS properly screen these new registration. Sometimes a household will have 3,4, or 5 children to register and that increases the financial impact of a fraudulent registration if it is allowed to go through without oversight.

We partner with you to develop a Background Screening Program that makes sense for your organization helping you to make well informed placement decisions, retain the most qualified candidates and mitigate the risks in selecting the wrong candidate or allowing an unfit volunteer or coach access to vulnerable children.


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Every child needs a stable and reliable adult in their lives to trust and rely upon. As educators, you wear many hats in the ongoing development of the children in your district but this is fundamentally true for all of them. They trust you to teach them. Nurture them. Protect them. ETS provides support services in our areas of excellence to make the educational experience for these children happy and safe.

The following services are available to school districts throughout IL, WI, and IN.

School District Support Services