Political Opposition Research?   Donor Risk Management?

Whichever the reasoning, ETS conducts these types of investigations utilizing our years of experience and unparalleled access to information to legally and thoroughly investigate the background of a candidate.

We develop the story about who a candidate is today as well as who they have been in the past. We conduct our investigations in an unbiased, non-partisan style leaving the application of the information and facts to the campaigns and their managers.

Relationship capital is built on reliability, truthfulness and transparency. Something we do not always see in politics. We validate our findings prior to releasing them to our clients in order to avoid embarrassing headlines later.

The parameters of our investigations vary significantly with the client’s interests but generally include discovery and validation of biographical data, criminal records, legal records, medical history, educational background, financial status, public and private administrative records, voting records, business interests, known associates, previous media coverage and a social media intelligence sweep.

Politics is like the wild-wild west. Super PACs, Campaign-Oriented Nonprofits and Wealthy and Prominent Members of Society now spend significant time and money to choose and vet the candidates they want to see win the fight. Our job is to deliver the facts to help them succeed.