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In addition to official and permanent records, our investigators seek to understand the demeanor and character of an individual by conducting a deep-dig into their past. This includes everything from interviewing family members, friends, and former employers and teachers to sweeping the web for current and previous social media activity.  Social behavior can be an indicator that the candidate may have previously experimented with drugs or is still in a gang or has ties to one. Every person is different so we want to know what makes them tick. Are they driven for success? Do they have leadership qualities? Do they have a developed work ethic? Are they punctual and reliable?


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A thorough background investigation of new police candidates is arguable one of the most important components of police screening. You want to find honesty and integrity in every officer.

Being sworn law enforcement officers ourselves we understand this.

ETS Intelligence, LLC located in Schaumburg, IL uses a powerful methodology combining experienced investigators and proprietary information systems to conduct an Intelligence Led Investigation and screen your candidate in ways that no other agency can. 

Police Background Checks

Outsourcing your background investigations to ETS allows your detectives to continue focusing on the important workload they already have thus enabling your agency to provide the best service to your community. It also reduces liability to your agency and for your village or city.

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