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​Meeting someone online through dating sites such as Match.com, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder are becoming very popular.  Do you know who it is you are meeting?  With the increase in online-dating, online scams have become more popular.  Some of the most popular scams include money scams, private information scams, and catfishing.

On-Line Dating Background Checks

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Money scams are when the con artist forms a relationship with you and will request money for reasons like a family member is in the hospital or hurt in a crash.  Once you send the scammer the money, they will cut all contact from you.  Another money scam they will get you into is sending money for stolen objects, like phones or laptops and will ask you to forward packages and cash money orders or checks.

Private information scam is when the scammer will form an online relationship with you through conversation and ask for intimate photos and private information.  The scammer will then publish the information online and demand a large fee for it to be removed.

Catfish is a term that came from a movie that was made by the filmmaker’s experience.  Catfishing is when the scammer creates a fake online profile and will get you to become romantically involved.  The main agenda the scammer has is to just have a relationship with someone.  Most of these relationship end in extreme heartache. 

What does an online-dating investigation include?  At ETS, we are experienced with online dating websites and will use our expertise as Social Media Intelligence experts and our powerful national, state,  and local databases to verify someone's identity, phone number, email address, and generally compare the information we find against the details you have been told by this person online in order to weed out the liars and criminals that often troll these sites looking for people to take advantage of. And, with any luck, it all checks out and all is good!

ETS is committed to you and will provide you the truth and security about someone you may be considering getting involved with romantically with the confidence and confidentiality you need.

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