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ON DEMAND - Digital Forensics & Cloud Recovery
Recovery of hidden and deleted data through logical and physical
data extractions from smartphones and tablets including
iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows based devices.
Data that can commonly be recovered include passwords,
emails, SMS text messages, chats, images, contacts, call history,
website history, calendars, media files, geo-tags & location information
and documents. Information in cloud accounts can be
extracted as well and imported into a separate forensic image
and analyzed for comparison to data found on one or more devices.

ETS On-Demand Services are available 24/7/365 and can be
performed almost anywhere including your station, roadside
and even in live court! This may assist in demonstrations for the
judge and/or jury.

​Warrant Writing for Social Media Providers
We have written many warrants to Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and many others over the years. The evolution of the internet and technology demands that language in search warrants be constantly updated to reflect these changes to get the most data in response by the providers.

Accident Investigation - Vehicle Forensics

Vehicle infotainment and telematics systems store a vast amount of data such as recent destinations, favorite locations, call logs, contact lists, SMS messages, emails, pictures, videos, social media feeds, and the navigation history of everywhere the vehicle has been. Many systems record events such as when and where a vehicle’s lights are turned on, which doors are opened and closed at specific locations, and even where the vehicle is when Bluetooth devices connect.

Social Media Investigations
Almost every case these days has a social media aspect.
As sworn officers ourselves, we utilize our tech skills as Social Media Experts to find information about who a person is, where are they from, who are their friends, where do they go, what do they own and many other questions. Our research archives historical posts from a profile and can often be used for real-time lead generation and on-going monitoring when the necessary authorization is obtained.

Law Enforcement Support Services

There is nothing more frustrating than serving a warrant on Facebook only to get back limited information because they don’t seem to like cops and the detective didn’t use the right terminology and scope so they omitted those details as is very common with location information requests.

They have it but you have to ask for it in a very particular way!

Police Station
States Attorneys Office
Live - Court
Expert Witness Testimony


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