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Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations involve divorce, child custody, financial disputes, abuse, and stalking and harassment among others. From surveillance and cyber-forensics to intelligence gathering and forensic accounting we have experienced investigators and all of the right tools at your disposal.

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Marital Investigations
Usually there are several signs that indicate your spouse is cheating.  Some signs include: your spouse is increasingly spending time away from home, your spouse’s sexual behavior changes, there is an increase in spending, and your spouse requires privacy when using their computer.  Online infidelity is rapidly rising.  ETS detectives will give you the evidence you need to confirm your suspicion and take action.

Child Custody Investigations
Child custody investigations are utilized in many ways.  Some reasons would include: suspected abuse, failure to pay child support, and caregiver investigations.  ETS will provide a thorough background investigation along with conducting surveillance to ensure your child is safe.  ETS detectives will give you the evidence you need to collect on your child support if the target is found to be earning an income.

Stalking / Cyber-Stalking Investigations
Being a target of an obsessed person can be a very frightening experience.  If you believe you are being followed or are concerned that someone you know and love is in danger, safety should be a top priority.  Don’t let this escalate!  ETS is Law Enforcement Owned & Operated and will work with you to assess threats, obtain necessary evidence, and work with law enforcement in your jurisdiction to communicate the threats we see and information we have gathered to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Personal Protection Services

If you feel your physical safety is threatened, ETS detectives will provide close-protection for you while you go to court, depositions, while you shop, or at your home or office. Our internal knowledge of courthouses and years of relationships in law enforcement provide a certain comfort level during security operations in the courthouse environment. Having the right people by your side reduces your stress and anxiety allowing you to focus on your day.