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Our easy to use, web-based portal allows you to securely enter your search requests 24/7 through an itemized menu or predetermined search parameters coded to your profile. The system is load tested to handle the needs of our Fortune 500 and Healthcare clients and has never crashed!

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Background Screening

Christmas 2017 Testimonial

ETS has been fantastic!  Your system has streamlined our hiring process. With accurate reports being returned so quickly, we can make offers to the most qualified applicants before they go looking for employment with our competitors. Looking forward to doing more business in the New Year!

Human Resources Director - Major Vehicle Dealer Group

Chicago, IL

F.C.R.A. complaint results are returned to you in one, comprehensive report via email, online
web-posting, or fax. Results sent via email can and should be coded with your unique password to
provide secure, encrypted transmission over the internet.
Turn-around time for real-time records is less than 15 minutes!

Background checks are completed for many reasons including compliance with employment, licensing,
and housing laws and regulations. Conducting background checks demonstrates your commitment to the professional and moral responsibilities you have to keep your employees, clients, visitors, and the community safe to live and work in.

Hiring the right employees is critical in creating a safe and productive work environment. Using best- practices in employment screening creates efficiencies in your operation, reliability with your customers, and saves your bottom line from expensive customer concessions and time-consuming re-training from turn-overs. We partner with you to develop a Background Screening Program that makes sense for your organization helping you to make well-informed placement decisions, retain the most qualified candidates, and mitigate the risks in selecting the wrong candidate or allowing an unfit volunteer or coach access to children, elderly, and other vulnerable people.

Hand-searched , criminal and civil records for county, state, federal and international are performed by ETS’ back office supported by over 4,000 researchers nationwide [CONUS] and more than 100 researchers internationally to provide the most thorough screening available in the industry. Turn-around time for hand-searched records is usually 1-2 business days.