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Background checks in Shaumburg, IL;Background checks in Chicago, IL; Background checks in Indianapolis; Immigration background checks nationwide

IL Livescan Fingerprinting (State/FBI)
Drug Testing - Oral Fluid and Urinalysis
Polygraph Testing / Handwriting Analysis
Skills Testing / Employee Training

Hand-Searched Records (1-2 Days)
The ETS investigative team is supported by
over 4,000 court researchers nationwide
(CONUS) and more than 100 researchers
internationally providing verified criminal
and civil records retrieval from county,
state, and federal records systems.
Northern Illinois counties including Cook,
DuPage, Will, Lake, Kane, and Winnebago
are often returned the same day!

With 360° risk management and risk safety at top of mind we dedicate account managers, trainers, remote desktop support personnel, intelligence analysts and investigators to make sure that every aspect of your employment screening process is thorough and efficient. When we are involved on a day-to-day basis we can react quickly and effectively to address other employment related concerns such as employee misconduct, misuse of electronic devices, and hostile termination security issues.

Our easy to use, web-based portal allows you to securely enter search requests
24/7 through an itemized order menu. We are able to pre-configure unique
user ID’s so that no menu appears but the system knows what searches to
run. This is particularly useful if you run the same searches every time based
on a particular work role. (i.e. laborer, manager, senior manager, c-suite) and do not want the user to be able to modify which searches are being run.

ETS Intelligence is a licensed private detective agency based in the Chicago area providing Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) background screening solutions nationwide. We leverage our tech-heavy environment and many years of experience in law enforcement, private investigations, and intelligence analysis to help clients gain the information and perspectives they need to make sound hiring decisions and stay in compliance with regulations such as The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681.


Self-Service Portal

Employment Background Screening 

New account setup and pre-testing takes 1-2 business days on average. Your dedicated account manager will walk you through the steps to get set up, answer any questions you have about the order and review processes, and arrange training for you and your staff. Technical support and web-based training are provided at no additional cost.

Owned and Operated by Law Enforcement and Licensed Private Detectives

Christmas 2017 Testimonial

ETS has been fantastic!  Your system has streamlined our hiring process. With accurate reports being returned so quickly, we can make offers to the most qualified applicants before they go looking for employment with our competitors. Looking forward to doing more business in the New Year!

Human Resources Director - Major Vehicle Dealer Group

Chicago, IL

Real-Time Searches (<15 Minutes)
• 24 Hours/Day - 7 Days/Week - 365 Days/Year
• SSN Trace and Verification
• National Criminal Records Database Search
• Instant access to county-level criminal records
   (Available in over 1600 counties nationwide)
• Healthcare Sanctions, Exclusions, & Debarments
   (From over 1700 direct sources in all 50 states)
• National Security Watch-lists
   (Including OFAC, Debarred Contractors, & Healthcare Sanctions)
• National Sex Offender Registry
   (174 Sources and Jurisdictions including all 50 states and Federal)
• National Civil Records Search
• Credit Reports (FCRA Compliant)
• Driver's Records - 50 states availability
• Degree/Educational Records Verification
• Professional License/Certification Verification

Social Media Reports (1-2 Days)
Social media and online investigative reports are researched and prepared by our in-house Social Media Intelligence Experts.
Employers are increasingly using social media to help determine the fitness of a candidate within a corporate culture.
Posted pictures of a person consuming illegal drugs, posing with guns, making threats, or posting obviously racist comments are all examples of what a potential employer might look for during social media screening.