Digital Forensics & Cloud Recovery
Recovery of hidden and deleted data through logical and physical data extractions from smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows-based devices can be performed during depositions, at your offices, at their offices or at ETS' labs. Data that can commonly be recovered include passwords, emails, SMS text messages, chats, images, contacts, call history, website history, calendars, media files, geo-tags, location information, and documents. Information in cloud accounts can be extracted as well and imported into a separate forensic image and analyzed for comparison to data found on one or more devices.

Service of Process

Many agencies are volume-driven when it comes to process serving. In turn, their serve rate and quality is very low. ETS is not volume-driven. We provide reliable, cost-effective service of court documents in a timely manner and return a professional, court-ready affidavit so you can prove it in court. Unless you specify otherwise, ETS will always seek to obtain “personal” service on a defendant.

​Attorney Support Services

​The Agency is law enforcement owned and operated. We employ investigators with specialty skill sets such as digital forensics, social media experts, surveillance operators, handwriting analysis, document authentication, and experienced interviewers. Additionally, we have phenomenal resources to gather information and find people and assets.

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There are many good reasons law firms use outside investigators to develop case critical information. By hiring an independent, third-party investigator lawyers will avoid potential disqualification if they themselves investigate and then would have to testify as a witness. Additionally, an independent investigator will help counter claims of bias in the evidence they present.

Expert Witness Testimony

We are experienced in depositions and live court appearances and have been accepted in Illinois courts as qualified to render an expert opinion in many subject areas.